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Removable Vinyl Wallpaper, Interior Design, Kids Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Home Decor.

Turn that blank and boring wall into a work of art and elevate your space! With our various styles of removable vinyl wall wrap, you can create the space just how you like it (and change it up when you want too!)

This item ships FREE in Canada! (and only $15 Flat Rate Shipping for our USA Customers!)

**Free Shipping does not apply for samples**

All of our wall wraps are made on high-quality, low-tac, removable vinyl wall-wrap material. This wall wrap material is simple to apply: we print as per the requested ceiling height and supply in rolls that are 50” wide. You just need to unroll the rolls one at a time and hang them like you would wallpaper, then remove the wrap from the protective backing (lining up at the top of the wall, and then pull the paper down and lay the wall wrap flat to the wall with the supplied applicator, and then stand back to admire your new room design!

These can be changed out as you see fit, which makes it easy to change up the whole look of your room whenever you feel like it. When you are ready to remove the wrap from the wall, just lift a corner and slowly peel away. There will be no adhesive residue left behind and your wall is back to a blank slate (the perfect solution for rentals).
Wall wrap can be used on just about any smooth or semi-smooth surface including painted walls, tiles, glass, stainless steel, plastic or mirrors. It can also be used on some manufactured woods, or smoothed woods. These can even be used in covered outdoor areas as the vinyl is water-resistant.
This material is NON-TOXIC and ODOUR FREE.
Please measure your wall LENGTHWISE (vertical) and then determine your ceiling height.
The lengthwise measurement will determine how many panels you need to order.
The ceiling height will determine the option you choose.

We provide 3 different standard sizes of wall wrap to match your ceiling height:

50" x 48" (4 ft wide x 4 ft high - For half walls or smaller projects) - $135 CAD

50” x 96” (4 feet wide x 8 ft ceilings) - $205 CAD
50” x 120” (4 ft wide x 10 ft ceilings) - $235 CAD
We also offer a 12" x 12" sample size which you can use to decide which wallpaper looks best in your room ( $15 CAD)
If you are wanting to wrap an 8ft x 8ft section of the wall, you would need to order 2 panels of the 50" x 96" option.

If you are looking for a custom size, or you are unsure what size you need, send us an email at, we definitely help you determine your size and we may be able to create a custom size for you!

Included with your purchase:
- Your chosen wall wrap
- A plastic applicator for easy installation of your wrap
- Written instructions on how to install your new wrap
- A link to a YouTube Instructional video

*Please note that there may be a slight discrepancy in color due to different screen resolutions.
**Please watch the instructional videos carefully when installing your new wall wrap, we are not responsible for damage caused during installation or removal of any of our products.

If there are any problems with your order or your wall wrap, please contact Megan at and we will be happy to help you.

Thanks for shopping & supporting small business! 💗

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