Want to be an Insta-Art Artist?
Submit your photos, artwork or graphics here. All Insta-Art Artists are credited for their creative property and receive 15% commission on every print they sell at!

So you want to be an Insta-Art Artist? That's great! We want you to be one too!

Here at Insta-Art we believe that your prints should be displayed both on the screen and off. We print your HD quality images on gallery quality, face-mounted acrylics with smooth, flame blown edges and superior finishings. Opaque for the classic vibe or metallic for those images that really need to stand out! Stand-off, metal wall-mounts are also included with all prints. 

We also believe that artists deserve to be credited for the work! All images are printed with the artists name watermarked into the front of the prints, your name and instagram account are listed with the image on our site and included in all social media shares of your image, and you retain all ownership rights to the photos. You even have the chance to be a featured artist on!

Wanna hear the best part? You also make 15% commission on the prints sold! That's right! 15% commission on every print just for uploading a photo you already have! You choose how many photos you would like to submit and we take care of the rest: manufacturing, advertising, packaging & shipping. You can just sit back and collect your commission. 

It's time to start making some money on those awesome Instagram shots!

And it's super easy:

  1. Create a members account on

  2. Upload your best images through the link to the left

  3. Submit as many or as few images as you would like

  4. If your images are chosen, you will be able to see them on the store page.

  5. Sit back and wait for your commission to roll in

  6. Share & promote your work on social media and socialize with other Insta-Art Artists!

Why do we think you should consider this opportunity?

Well for starters, we are a manufacturer of gallery quality, face-mounted acrylic prints, a method of acrylic print making that is considered to produce the best quality prints in the industry. We offer competitive pricing on all our products in order to provide a positive sales experience for our customers and be able to provide our artists more commission payouts and bonuses. We offer a fair commission to our artists; while we handle all of the manufacturing, advertising, shipping, customer service and other daily business activities. Our artists retain all ownership rights to the photos, meaning they are free to explore other avenues of income generation on their photos, this is a non-exclusive contract. We support our artists in additional ways throughout the partnership as well, such as direct printing options for those that want to sell their photos independently, competitive wholesale with various package options for professional photographers as well as commission bonuses and sales incentives!


All for just uploading a couple of photos, sharing some love on social media 

and telling a few friends!

What are you waiting for?

Become an Insta-Art Artist today!

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