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Artist FAQ

How do I know if my images have been approved?

Insta-Art will email you to let you know what images have been approved. Approved images will also be uploaded into the store and into a Shared Google Document between Insta-Art and yourself! This Google Doc will also be where you can track your commissions We reserve the right to choose which images get displayed on our website and when. Just because it doesn't get posted right away doesn't mean it won't in the future!

What are your requirements for image uploads?

To ensure your images have the best chance of being posted, please follow these requirements: 1. All images should be submitted in HD quality with a minimum of 10 megapixels. 2. All images should be titled with the proper name of your print as well as your name. 3. You should include as much information as possible in your upload form (especially name and social media handles as we love to give shout-outs to our artists!) 4. Images should be suitable for a publicly accessible website. We reserve the right to determine which images are posted. If you do have more questions about our upload requirements, please email

How is my creative property protected?

All images are displayed on our website with your image title and artist name. Users can also search images by your name and/or image title. Your name will also be watermarked into the front of the image when printed and the title will be included on the back of the print (excluding wall-wraps).
The artist retains all the rights to the photos. Insta-Art is not purchasing rights to your images through this platform, rather we are paying commission to the artist per print sold. All images used on this site have either been obtained with permission from the artist or the artist has chosen to upload anonymously under the Creative Commons Zero License.

How do I collect commission on my sold prints?

Artists receive 15% commission on every print they sell. Commissions are paid out once a month via e-transfer for all applicable sales. We will also share a Google Drive form with you where all of your sales and commission pay-outs are monitored. If you are in a country where E-Transfer is not applicable, we will pay out commission via paypal instant transfer. *Please note that you will be asked to submit your paypal account information and must have instant deposit set up in your account*

How can I increase my chances of my prints being sold?

You can increase your chances of a print being sold by spreading the word! 1. Share our page on social medial 2. Let family and friends know that they can purchase high quality prints of your images on! 3. Tag us in your image posts! (Instagram - / Facebook 4. Submit high quality photos to increase your chances of more of your images being displayed on our website.

What does it mean to be a "featured artist"?

Once a month we will have a "featured artist". This artist is chosen by and you will be notified in advance if selected. You reserve the right to accept or decline the offer. If you accept the offer to be a featured artist: 1. We will display your artist bio, instagram info and photo on our Featured Artists page 2. A promtion will be created for all your images that month, potentially increasing sales! 3. We will share your artist bio and prints on our social media pages (hello shout-outs!) We will require from you: 1. A completed artist bio form which will be emailed to you once offer is accepted. 2. An awesome photo of you! 3. A short introduction video which will be used both on our website, youtube and social media platforms. That's it!

Do you offer wholesale?

We do offer wholesale options for all images displayed. Please email for more information on wholesale

I'm a professional artist with a gallery, how can I get prints for my own use?

You can order your own prints wholesale (without the 10% commission) for display in your gallery or if you want to sell the prints on your own. Please contact for wholesale questions.

Does it cost anything to be an Insta-Art Artist?

Not at all! Signing up to be a member on our site and/or requesting to be an Insta-Art artist is completely free!

Can I still sell my photos and images independently?

Absolutley! You as the artist retain all ownership rights to the photos, and can sell and do as you wish with them! Insta-Art is simply an additional platform for you, where you can make additional commission easily and without any monetary investment.

I'm on the fence about the 15% commission

We understand that for many photographers, 15% might not seem like enough. And that's ok, but let's break it down a bit. We offer artists what we consider to be an industry fair commission, while still being able to have room to promote sales within the company and provide commission bonuses, sales incentives and other perks to our artists. The artist is able to gain an additional platform for advertising and generating sales from their photos, while we take care of all other aspects including manufacturing, advertising, packaging, shipping, customer service etc. The artist retains all ownership rights to their photos and their name is attached to that print from the point of listing to the point of printing. We offer a non-exclusivity contract, meaning the artist is free to continue to sell their images independantly or through other platforms (such as stock photo sites). The artist can be as involved in the marketing process (we hope for some shares and shout-outs!) as they want, or just use it as an alternative cash flow. They can choose to disengage from Insta-Art at any time, and all Artist photos will be promptly removed from our site. For those artists who only want to sell their photos independantly, we also offer print on demand services, with optional dropshipping and competitive industry pricing for gallery quality, face-mounted acrylic prints. We also offer competitive wholesale pricing with various packaging deals. For more information on this, please contact

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